Example of Real-Time Event Streaming Using Spring WebFlux

1. Overview In this article, we’re going to implement a short example of real-time events streaming using Spring WebFlux. A dashboard showing real-time pricing information about the stock market would be a good example to go and start with, as it shall cover many aspects of the problem that we’re discussing here. Over the coming sections, we’ll be exploring a step by step guide to implementing WebFlux solution to the mentioned problem. In case you are unfamiliar with the concepts of

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Lombok: Getting Started

1. Overview Lombok is a lightweight Java library that makes your programming experience much more fun. With Lombok, you’ll never need to write redundant code constructs like getters or setters again. Lombok will take the responsibility for generating the most common type of redundant programming constructs for you, just by using one or more of the annotations it offers. For example, by using lombok.Getter annotation on your class: @Getter public class Message { String title; } It would make your code just like if it

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